World War III has been going on for five years now.
As you can guess, the world as we once knew it has changed.
Outside, there is nothing but ruins and ashes; ashes so thick that it covers everything it touches, turning a once colorful world into a reminder.

A reminder that painfully makes me envy working as a cashier again as I watch the dead body burning in front of me.

Yeah….probably shouldn’t drop a fact like that without introducing myself first….

So, hum… Hi! My name’s Val.
Before that stupid war was started by God-Knows-Who, I was a cashier at my local WalMart.
Now, I’m a hitman.
And, I’ve just been hired to kill the head of both camps.
Yeah! Small problem though: turns out
it’s a heavenly war (you know… Lucifer, Michael, archangels everywhere….)
And hum…. I may or may not just have tried to kill the Devil.



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