Upcoming Projects


Kael – VR

Role: Angel

Production Company: Aisha Productions

Writer: Aisha Cloutier (2D) & Annie Coutu (VR)

Director: Annie Coutu


You have probably heard of the concept of soulmates? These two souls that always find each other every time they reincarnate. You know, the classic love story! Did you know that the same principle applied to nemesis?

In Kael, Kaï and Angel have fought each other for centuries. As they meet again in the 21st Century, a small difference will bring a new twist to their relationship, much to the despair of their past incarnations.

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Equiwak – Audiobooks Series

Role: Narrator/Female Characters

Author: Aïsha Cloutier


Drake, a young magician whose father is the tyrant continent, finds himself part of a prophecy that announces the defeat of his father… or his. Determined to not be the one to fall, Drake enters a war against his father. The only thing he doesn’t know? The prophecy is not fixed and can change… just like their destiny. 

Illusions – Webseries

Role: Stéphanie

Production Company: Aisha Productions

Writer: Aïsha Cloutier


When Damon Host, a professional hitman for the agency of D.E.A.T.H., is wrongfully accused of killing a young woman, he decides to take the matter in his own hands and prove his innoence with the help of his biggest passion: illusionism. 

This project is now in funding! Help us create it here: http://kck.st/3ka2Brn


Beaver – VR/MOW

Role: Zoe

Production Company: Aisha Productions

Writer: Aïsha Cloutier

Synopsis: To come