Supernatural Conventions: Montreal 2018

Last weekend was AMAZING! I have been to two other Supernatural Conventions (Toronto and Vancouver) and many comiccons, but this one had a special something that the others didn’t have!

For people who do not know what a Supernatural Convention is, think of it as a comiccon but with only one theme at his center: Supernatural. Those conventions are put on by Creation Entertainment, an American who also presents the Star Trek’s, Once upon a time’s and, more recently, Stranger things’ conventions among many others.  During a weekend, fans from all around the world reunite in a defined city (they are visiting 13 cities each year) to meet their favorite actors and make tons of friends (I am not joking, you can easily end up with a minimum of 20 new friends just by waiting in line).

Like I mentioned, the Montreal convention was different from the one in Toronto and in Vancouver. Both were great, don’t get me wrong! I had a great time going to them and before Friday I would have said they were first in my top list of conventions, but the energy and the presence of the fans throughout the weekend was just incredible!  It really felt like a family reunion! Even before the convention on various social medias, people were setting meetups and making plans to go eat out together.

First, let’s talk about the karaoke party with the one and only Karaoke Kings, Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen. The karaoke was happening on Friday night. This being my third karaoke party at a Supernatural’s convention, I knew to expect a long line and to arrive early. I arrived earlier than the two previous times only to find out that the line was forming a loop. This was caused by the fact that they were way more people than the space for the line permitted! This gave me a pretty idea of how the weekend would go since people were already sharing stories about the panels, the autographs or the photo ops they took during the day. Then we went in the room. I thought it would be close to the same as the other two karaoke nights I attended in which, as time passed by, the crowd was getting smaller. But not in Montreal. From 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm, the fans were on fire! Everybody was singing with the lucky ones who got to go on the stage with Lisa (Billie/Death), Richard (Gabriel, The Trickster, Loki), Kim (Jody Mills), Matt (young John Winchester/Michael) and Sebastian (Balthazar) and cheering from the beginning of the karaoke until the end. Two incredibly magical moments happened during these two hours. Of course, there are plenty of them, like the cast running in the crowds, making people sing with them or the energy going through whenever a song from the show or related to it was coming up, but these two had a little something more. I wish I had the first one on video! One of the fans that got to sing chose « Eye of the Tiger » and, after the usual cheering, people raised their hands in the air and started doing air drum at the same beat as the music, mimicking what Jensen did while they were filming « Yellow Fever » (see video below). All of that in one synchronized movement. That was awesome! The other one was a little bit different. A fan got up on stage and the song started. Matt was about to sing with her, but as soon as she started, he froze and the crowd went almost completely silent for a couple of seconds before the biggest cheer of the night was heard! I, unfortunately, didn’t catch her name, but her voice was AMAZING!

Now let’s talk about Saturday! The day started with the women of Supernatural’s panel with Lisa Berry, Ruth Connell, Kim Rhodes and Rachel Miner. This panel was fantastic we got to learn a lot about them and people had great questions!  Here are some of the highlights:


-Lisa loves Black Panther (and when I say love, I mean really really loves Black Panther)

-Rachel has a chart in her head of which superhero she would like to be

-Rachel also loves Harry Potter

-Kim would be Iron Man.

-We will how’s Rowena dealing with her powers now back to normal in episode 19.

-Kim said this while answering a question:  “There’s a courage that comes when someone is shattered by love, and they still choose love again. There is no amount of pain, ever, that will make love not worth it.”

Then it was Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr.’ s panel. One of the funniest panel I’ve seen. These guys always interact with each other and they keep switching back between their characters and themselves.

-If they could write a scene involving their characters, it would probably be one the one where God/Chuck is having dinner with his kids and he is just sitting in the middle wondering if he should go back on vacation. Around him, it is chaos.

-When asked if they could bring their character back, how they would do it, Richard said « I could’ve been back sooner! » looking straight at Rob. They then switched to Gabriel and God and started to « argue » (jokingly) with each other.

-The part Matt loves the most about his character is Michael, because he is powerful and badass.

-Matt’s favorite part was in the « Baby » episode.

-Richard loved the « Swan Song » monologue at the beginning and just the episode in general.

-Rob’s favorite part was when he was singing « Fare Thee Well » in season 11.

-Richard said he also loved Sam’s monologue in « Just My Imagination » when he is telling Sully he has to go back to hell. He said the scene was emotional and they only had to do two takes.

-PS: They have seen every kind of fanart on the net.

After the panel, Louden Swain went into the vendors’ room and did a little acoustic concert. Here’s a little glimpse at what it looked like.


After diner, there was Mark Pellegrino’s panel .  Aside from trying to tent us into making him reveal spoilers, Mark did something incredible for one

of the fans who was asking a question. She was getting anxious and he made her come up and gave her hug. He then talked to her and made sure she was okay before letting her get back to her seat. He then proceeded to try and reveal more spoilers :P. Here are some of Mark’s panel highlights!

– Lucifer will meet Jack pretty soon. It wasn’t clear if he would be nice to him or not. We will have to see ourselves in the future episodes.

-When talking about Jack, he said that Lucifer always does something that gives him something back and that he likes when things are going his way.

-To keep himself motivated, he listens to uplifting music or read good stories.

The last panel was Misha’s.  He arrived late from his meet & greet (they were at Barbie Expo) which ended up with Richard and Rob singing « Où est Misha? Je ne sais pas » for like 15 minutes. Ruth joined them after two minutes and they sang that until he finally arrived dancing on the stage! Here are some highlights!

-Misha was auditioning for Anakin Skywalker back in the day. He was in the final group of actors auditioning and was told to not say anything to anyone about it or he would get fired. He couldn’t even say where he was going to the driver who was picking him up at the airport. He went to the audition and then went in the city to visit. The driver dropped him at a pizza place, so he entered and got his order. Misha said he looked around, not seeing anyone except the employee, he told for what he just auditioned to which the employee responded « That’s cool! My cousin’s Nathalie Portman! ». He didn’t get the part.

-A fan asked about his tweet regarding Darius (childhood friend) « stealing » his sweatshirt. Misha said told the story about how, when he was younger, Darius’ mom used to pack two lunches, one for her son and one for him. He also explained how they give each other gifts. Though, he won’t talk to him until he gets his sweatshirt back. (Since then, he got it back 😉 )

-He got « reprimanded » by the fans for saying smoked pastrami instead of smoked meat.

-He said that he didn’t need to taste poutine since he already did in Vancouver (Tips: Quebec is proud of their poutine, it is risky to say that 😉 ).

-He once convinced the crew of 24 that he could drive the Jaguar and there was no need for a stunt driver. He destroyed a 90 000$ car in the first 45 minutes on set.

-A fan pointed out he is wearing the same clothes as Jensen. He was surprised even realized that four years after Jensen wore them, he was now the one wearing them. Misha explained that, since a fan told Jensen he was wearing the same clothes at the one in a previous convention, he gave them to Misha instead of throwing them out. He has been doing it since.

At the end of the day was the Saturday Night Special with Louden Swain and some of the guests. The ambience was phenomenal! The main highlight was when Jason came and sang « Hallelujah » with them. All around the room, people were raising glow sticks and waving them at the rhythm of the music.  The fans did it again for the following song which they sang with Rob: « She waits ». If you haven’t heard that song, I encourage you to check it out. They finished by « Mama’s jam », a song full of rhythm on which everybody was dancing.

To finish here’s a fun story told in the main J2 (Jared and Jensen) panel:

Jared and Jensen came back later than they normally do, so they wanted to get in bed as soon as possible to be in shape the next morning (Sunday). Everybody got in their room, but when Jensen tried his card, it wasn’t working. He went back to the lobby, got a new one and went back to his room. It didn’t work. He went back and got the employee at the front desk who brought his master key. Still didn’t work. Jensen said his dean started to show up around that time. The employee called the maintenance guy. He basically did exactly the same thing they had been doing.

Maintenance guy: I don’t have the tools to fix it. We need a locksmith.

Jensen: Ok… So call him.

Maintenance guy: Well… He can be here tomorrow. Nobody’s been working for hours now.

Jensen: So, I can’t get in my room.

Employee: yes.

Jensen: I want to get in my room.

Employee: We can give you another room for the night.

Jensen: You don’t get it. I want to get in my room…. If you can’t get me in my room, I will get myself in my room.

Employee: How?

Jensen: I will kick the door.

Employee: Okay?

Jensen took a couple of steps back and literally kicked the door open. The only problem was that the lock flew right through the door and left a giant hole in it.

Jensen: You will need another door.

That’s all for the small resume of the convention! There are many pictures below of it. Share with your friends and, if you were at the convention, comment here stating how much you had fun! This convention was definitely different then the others I have been to and, if like me, you believe it is worth coming back to Montreal another time, leave a comment and share on social medias! Who knows maybe we will have another convention in Montreal like Toronto who finally will be back in 2019!

Have a wonderful day guys!

Ps: If you haven’t been to a convention before, you should! It is an incredible experience and, even if you don’t have the money for a full day, go to the Karaoke! It is free! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!

One thought on “Supernatural Conventions: Montreal 2018

  1. How to start a convention? The Friday night in Montreal was as you said Amazing. I did go as well to Toronto and Vancouver but the energy was just crazy. When we arrived the hall was jam pack of people we did go in and the show started with a simple question? who’s there for their first time 90% of the crowd raise there hands when usually max 10 hands raise up.
    We had so much fun, lost our voice… by the way we were at Main floor and heard people cheering from the 4 floors
    I posted on FB during the night – now all my friends want to drive to Montreal next year for the week-end. Great experience and Top atmosphere. Hope the actors had also fun in Montreal.

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