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Hey everyone!

As you probably saw on my blog, there are many posts about the TV Show that talks about the adventures of the famous detective and his companion, but not actually a review about it. It is strange, I will admit it. The reason is, I
have been binge watching the series for about two months now (I’ve started it a long time ago, but with season 4, I had to watch them again).

In case you are not familiar with the series, it is presented on BBC and tells the story of the well known detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend, John Watson. The  show follows the stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle, but adds a twist to it. Instead of happening in the time of
the original books, the creators transported the characters in modern time. So, Sherlock is texting, twitting and John has a blog where he writes all their adventures.

The series is not like any other though, as you probably imagine, after this short resume. It only has four seasons with a total (for now) of fifteen (15) episodes (including an unaired episode). Each episode is the length of a
feature film, 1 hour and 30 minutes long, and it is amazing how fast each episode is. Each episode is so well written that time just flies by without you even noticing it.

Talking about the writing, each episode does have its own plot (and plot twists) and brings you through a roller-coaster of emotions. Even though John and Sherlock often have reactions or do/say something that brings a smile on your face, you will always have this moment at one point where you will be on the edge of you seat wondering what is going to happen next and you will be surprised by it most of the time, because the story will always bring you from A to B, but your mind will pass by X, Y and Z in the meantime because of a clue that you thought would bring you there. This feeling of surprise just adds to the amazing and magical moments.

Now let’s talk about the actors. First of all, I love the way Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, Doctor Strange, The Hobbit) plays Sherlock. Each episode is like discovering the character again. During every single line or action said/done by the character, you can see many layers of his personality, his real thoughts about
a situation (not that Sherlock keeps what he thinks of somebody for himself) by the inside of his eyes or even just small changes in the posture or tics and it often gives you so much information about Sherlock’s past or just his personality in general. It is really amazing to see him also interact with his best friend, John Watson. You can literally see the character’s arc by looking at how he is when he is with John in the first episode
compared to the third episode of season four. It is definitely a big change.

Now let’s talk about John Watson played by Martin Freeman (Fargo, The Hobbit). I really like the interpretation that he does of the character. In this version of the stories, John is really present at Sherlock’s side which I really appreciated considering he is such an interesting character. By watching the show, you can see that he grounds Sherlock in a
way by preventing him from passing inappropriate comments in front of the relatives of the victim or doing stupid things to resolve a case, but that he is also looking as much as Sherlock for this rush of adrenaline, for this moment of life and death situation. Another thing that Martin Freeman plays really well in this show is the story behind the mask.
John sometimes said that he was done with Sherlock and never wanted to see him again, but there’s this part of him that is and will always care for his best friend. The internal struggle that he has in those situations about
whether or not he should go back to solving cases or just help him can clearly be seen in his acting. I also remember one of the most well known scene of season 3 in The Reichenbach Fall, you can see that John is slowly realizing what is happening and how it is transforming his voice, his emotions and every single action and this is just amazing and beautifully well done by the actor.

Now, here’s the trailer for season 1-3 and the Christmas Special! I highly recommend this series for the fans of the original stories. Also, it is now on Netflix! So no reason to not watch it (again)!


Now, let’s talk about The Final Problem!

Oh my god… What an amazing episode! Seriously guys, I don’t know how you found it, but I think it was awesome!

I saw it in theater last week and it was sold out for a good reason. In this episode, family secrets are revealed as Sherlock learns he has a sister that he seems to have forgotten for a pretty good reason. But this is the least of their problems as John and Sherlock face their greatest challenge

Yeah… You heard well… A sister is now added to the big Holmes family. Eurus, as her parents named her, is a psychopathic version of Sherlock in a disturbing way. Even as a child, she is presented as a little girl who is always singing a lullaby she created for her brother, Sherlock. She is also the villain of the episode.

Strangely, her relationship with Sherlock works perfectly! She looks like this caring sister who tends to also deeply want him to suffer and experience this emotional struggle that we haven’t seen that often in the series by putting him in different challenges that are testing his deduction ability. It is really rare to see Sherlock loosing control of himself in a life threatening situation and seeing that happen because of a family member that is thinking like him adds even more to the struggle; he has to do what she asks for.

Mark Gatiss (who also plays Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft) and Steven Moffat have done an incredible job with this episode. During the whole episode, there wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t surprised by the events. I was never able to figure how it was about to end or anything like that. Usually with Sherlock, you have this level of tension present at the climax, but this finale had everybody in the theater quiet at many moments. People around me were on the edge of their seats looking at the screen and basically doing the same as me, wondering what was happening next. One of the thing that probably surprised everybody was when « I want to Break Free » by Queen started. Everybody started singing – or at least lip syncing – and then you had this moment when Moriarty got out of the helicopter where everyone shut up then started cheering and laughing, happy to see this villain that everybody loved. And then you have the words « Christmas Day… Five years earlier » that appeared on the screen and you could hear people whispering « No… ». This moment of surprise was really amazing and, like many, I really appreciated it, especially considering we were waiting
for Moriarty’s return and we thought we had it. The episode is full of moments like this, twists in the plot!

Before showing you the trailer for season 4, I need to talk about the amazing shots that were done! The show always had those amazing shots full of metaphors and nice transitions, but this one had some beautiful ones!  One of the shots that I thought was amazing is when Sherlock receives an amnesia dart and falls unconscious. He falls straight on what appears to be a dark background or a black floor, except it it actually a dark liquid that is slowly absorbing him and that brought the metaphor of being absorb by the obscurity when you are loosing consciousness. It was beautifully made! Good job to everybody who thought of it and worked on doing it so perfectly!

So that’s all folks!

The 4th season will soon be available on DVD and is available on Netflix in many countries 🙂

Here’s the trailer!

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