Sing! (anglais seulement)

Hi guys!

As you probably heard of, it is the award season! And what else to start getting in it than have reviews about a nominated feature film at the Golden Globes? Yeah…I know there are many that were in nomination, but this one was nominated exactly a week ago for Best Animated Feature Film, is the longest animated feature film of Illumination (Despicable Me, Minions) with 110 minutes and features 85 hits from the 40s to our present time. If you said « Sing », you got it right!

Sing is telling the story of Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), a Koala Bear who owns a theater. Unfortunately for him, the business is not going as well as he would like it to. His crew is after him, the bank his after, in other words, he is in debt. So what does he do? He does what everybody wants to see: a singing competition! People from all around the city comes to his theater to audition! The only problem? His assistant didn’t quite put 1000$ on the flyer as he intended to for the prize, she accidentally added two zeros, putting the promised award to 100 000$.

Sing is incredibly awesome! One of the main thing I loved about the movie is definitely the  way we get easily attached to the characters. The detailed work that was put on the characters and the attention put on the body language makes us see more easily the emotion and connect with the character’s situation faster. Many times during the movies, you could have replaced the animated character with an actual human being and never have seen the difference. Of course, since they are animals, some of their reaction are closer to what animals will do like stomping their foot. The whole attention give to these small details made the characters more realistic and reachable in a way since either as an adult or as a child you can recognize yourself inside of them which is an amazing experience to live as the audience.

One of the other thing I enjoyed was the way, even if I didn’t watch it in 3D, I felt immerse in this world of animal walking on two paws and talking. I really enjoyed the way the story was written.
It made us forget that we were seating in a theater and not actually with them inside this created world. Also, even with the events going on, you can’t really predict the end until the very last minute when everything is happening, which is really fun considering sometimes it can be more predictable!

Now let’s talk about music! You guys will be happy no matter the generation you are part of! The movie features 85 songs from at least three different generations. The way they put all those genres together is amazing! I couldn’t tell if it was an older song or not, I was just enjoying the performance and the way the cover was made. I saw people around me that were older, but kept dancing and singing the same song I was and vice-versa. It is really an awesome movie to see for that and you will maybe discover that some of your favorite actors had singing skills you didn’t know about!

Last thing, the movie is presenting a beautiful vision (it could be interpreted as a lesson, but I think it is more like a vision): If you are afraid of doing something that you like, than just do it. If you’re afraid to sing, than sing. If you are afraid of dancing, than dance. Etc! Etc!  I think it is something that, even though was mentioned more towards the end, was present in every action and words done and said by the characters. And it is totally something that we often need to remind ourselves in time of fearing our passion.

In brief, grab your friends and family and go see this awesome movie! Don’t be afraid to go and see it without children; I was the third yougest 😉 !

Here’s the trailer!

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