Why you shouldn’t stream it online

Hey guys!

The official page of the TV Show Sherlock posted this earlier today:

It is sad to learn this considering it can affect their ratings for the finale tomorrow night. Yes, it can do this. When you are streaming it online, first of all, it is illegal, but more important is that it affects the production entirely. They don’t get as much ratings as they should, they can lose money on it (I know that some people may think that they do make a lot of money with these kind of shows, but you need to know that the producers and executive producers get their money back by what they do on the film/TV show once they paid all the expenses back (the budget in other words)) and finally, what’s the fun in it?

I get it, you see it in advance so you know before people, but I will ask you again: what’s the fun in it? Personally, I like the waiting part. During that week of waiting, I love that I can speculate on what will happen after the last cliffhanger and totally be surprise by the next episode because, obviously, I was wrong about it. But that moment of surprise is what I am looking for every week! Especially with Sherlock!

So please, guys… I am asking you: wait for tomorrow or go and see it in theater if you are in Canada! (yes, it is possible on Thursday, January 19th at 7pm in many Cineplex!)

Here’s the trailer of Sherlock Season 4! And please, share the word!

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