This one is for the sherlockians (anglais seulement)

15400519_978056628961599_7663609808094384133_nHello to all the fans of Sherlock that are reading this post!

You have been waiting a long time for the next season to come out; do not worry, the waiting is now done! Sherlock season 4 is coming to our TV this January 1st!!!! Yep you heard well! The only problem with this short time left is that it still feel like an astronomic amount of time, especially  with this brand new trailer!15420767_978056635628265_8855178994110189061_n

A couple of days ago, BBC released the name of the three episodes.  With a name like the « Final problem » for its third and last episode, as a fan, you probably have a little bell ringing in you head when seeing these titles. It is normal. Moriarty talked about it in « The Reichenbach Fall »
when he visited Sherloc15442307_978056632294932_262424521243946344_nk after being found non guilty. He told Sherlock « Oh that’s not the problem – that’s the final problem ». Like me you probably wondered what he meant by that, well it seems like we will finally receive an answer and it doesn’t look really good according to this trailer.

Last thing before the trailer: Who do you think the last three words are addressed to? John or Mycroft?


Teaser (released a week ago)

Trailer (released yesterday)

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