A magical and beautiful movie, nothing else

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Here’s my filmed review of Fantastic and Where to Find Them! The written one is a little bit below as well as a little sketch that James Corden did with Eddie Redmayne that you’ll definitely love.

PS: The story is happening 70 years before Harry Potter (not 57 as I mentioned in the video ; ) ).

With a Box office of mostly 75 million dollars for its first week-end, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them is probably one of my favorite movies of the year! As the new spin-off of the Harry Potter Series, the movie presents the story of Newt Scamander, a lover of magical creatures, who comes to New York for a brief stop in order to release one of his creature back in its natural habitat. After fantastic-beastsaccidentally  exchanging his suitcase with a Non-Mag (or Muggle if you prefer the British term), Newt will go after him to face a big surprise, some creatures were released out of the suitcase he carried them in and are now free in New York.

I LOVED THE MOVIE! I just LOVED it! I saw it in 3D and it was so amazing with the creatures. I really enjoyed the detailed work that was put in them. Each time we saw one of them, we could see each inch of their fur and feathers being affected by the wind when they were moving which add so much to their realism! Also it is so magical when the beasts are flying close to the edges of the screen, you can see them pop out of it and it appears so real that you think you can just raise your hand and touch them, feel the softness of their feathers on your skin.

Talking about the creatures, one of the main thing I loved about this film is the relationship Newt has with his creatures. Every time one of them has to interact with him, we can see the non-spoken words going back and forth between them and it is incredible to see the beast-3subtle emotions and feelings that are present in Newt’s eyes and gestures when he is around one of them. It actually make this world, this Universe more real considering its proximity with our relation with our own pets. And this complicity and easiness of communication between them is so different then when Newt is with people, when he needs to interact with another human being. He will not always look at the other person in the eyes, his gaze will go up and down and he looks definitely  more shy in front of others.  This difference between those two reactions from Newt makes the character really sweet and the main reason for it is basically the really well job Eddie Redmayne (Newt) did while playing him. Like mentioned before, the subtle reactions in his eyes as well as the little differences in the way he acts with different people or creatures is really amazing to watch.

One of the other things that I appreciated in the movie is that there was a lot of humor and comedy inside of inside of it. Part of it is created by the clumsiness of the Non-Mag Jacob that is present in his dialogues and his gestures. You will always have a smile on your face when he is on tbeast-1he screen, especially when he is with Newt. Since Newt is more aware at first of the fact that his creatures have escaped then the fact that a Muggle is seeing him doing magic and taking care of his beasts, it creates a lot of funny reactions from Jacob as he discovers this new world that seems unreal.

Also, for the Potterheads here (Harry Potter’s fans), you will have the chance to see a lot of connections with the first eight movies and seven books. But don’t worry if you haven’t seen the first eight movies, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them is a new introduction to the Wizarding world and you won’t have a problem to follow it (but I highly recommend that you see them as well!).beast-1

If you enjoyed the movie, which I am pretty sure you did or would, don’t panic. It is not the first and definitely the not the last time we will have the chance to see those beautiful creatures on the big screen. Four other movies has been announced and the next one has already confirmed
Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller as part of the cast for 2018!

In brief, I highly recommend this film! Go and see it!

Here’s the trailer and a little funny plus!

See you later guys!!!

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