The Devil is back!

luciferYes, you heard me well. Last year, on FOX, we had the chance to meet a new kind of Lucifer. Instead of the common evil man with horns, the Devil was presented to us as a funny and classy character that decided to leave Hell to open a bar in the City of Angels (Los Angeles) and resolve crimes with Detective Decker.

On the first season finale, the Devil mostly died and received a terrible news. Someone had escape from Hell and according to the look he had on his face, that soul would be causing a lot of trouble.

September 19th was the Season Premiere and after just two days (in the story’s timeline) separating each episode, we can definitely see how much it is affecting Lucifer. The Devil is afraid of that soul that is nobody else than his mother. Yep, lucifer-season-2you heard right, Lucifer is afraid of his Mother and so are Maze and Amenadiel. This new vulnerability in all those strong characters brings a new dimension to each of them. By doing this sudden change in the characters during the whole episode, we, as the audience, automatically start thinking how powerful this woman is and what she can possibly do to them, what kind of trouble she will bring. Contrary to what they made us think with the previous trailers, we do not see Lucifer’s Mother until the end of the episode and it is only for a really brief moment.

Personally, I liked the way they did it. Since they made us wait until the very last minute of the episode, we are more focused on the other elements happening between the search for God’s wife like Amenadiel organizing a meeting with Chloe to show her how Lucifer was able to get shot and come to life without receiving any help.

One of the main thing that I appreciate the most was the way the writers directed us with the events at the total opposite of where they were going. Every time a clue appeared, our expectation of what we thought would happen started failing to leave place for a new one with higher stakes until we find ourselves in front of the most unexpected end we could have possibly imagine while watching the premiere.

In other words, the show came back with the same strength and humor that was part of the show last season. And I have to say, this season premiere was one the rare that I was on the edge of my seat thinking again and again about the next thing that will happen just to be surprised even more.

If you haven’t seen the first season yet, it is now released on DVD (available  at HMV, Archambault, Amazon, etc.). As for the second season, here’s the promo of the first and second season as well as the first episode (available on CTV and FOX)  of season 2.



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