A dog’s purpose

a-dogs-purpose-1Hi everybody!

Like me, you or somebody you know like dogs as if they were their
own children, as if they were part of the family. As a dog owner, you probably asked yourself once in your life: why does this little (or not) ha-dogs-purposeappy ball of fur is with me, right now? Why did I chose that one in particular?

Well, Lasse Hallström (known for « Hatchi ») answers the question in
the new movie he is directing: A Dog’s Purpose.  the movie presents the point of view of a dog that once lived his first life with a young boy. Eventually becoming old, the dog dies peacefully to reincarnate itself as another dog (different breed every time).

The movie will be out in theaters on January 27th! to help you wait, here’s the cute and adorable trailer!dogs-purpose

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