Welcome back to childhood (anglais seulement)

Going back in our childhood while watching a movie is always fun and magical.petes dragon We forget about everything while finding back for 2 hours this innocence, this ability to believe in the imaginary.  Disney is one of the many companies that are creating this effect on you and their new movie: Pete’s Dragon is amazing for that.

This film tells the story of Pete, a young boy who lived in the woods for six years since his parents died in a car accident. As a ranger tries to stop her husband’s brother from cutting more trees and killing the forest, she finds Pete and bring him in the town with her, thinking he was alone. But what if he wasn’t alone during all those years?

Like you can imagine, Pete’s friend in the forest is a dragon and the animation of the creature is amazing. You can see the each inch of fur moving when the wind passes through it and the way the emotions are showed through the eyes of the beast add to the realism of the story.  One of the thing I appreciate thepetes dragon 2 most about Pete’s friend is the way it was acting. Disney presented him as a gently  beast and the way they did it is easy: they made Elliot, Pete’s Dragon, acted like a mix between a cat and a dog. His joyfulness and his protector side reminds the oldest in the theater of a dog reacting to his owner’s situation. In other situations, you can see his cat’s side when he is chasing a butterfly or hunting in a certain way. Those qualities make us connect more with how much Pete
loves Elliot.

The script on general is well made. All the dialogues and the actions make the audience pass through a whole range of emotions and feelings. Children or adults, it doesn’t matter, when the petes dragon 3stakes are raising, everybody is at the edge of their seat, nervous about what would happen next and, yes, tears might fall out of your eyes, because there’s no Disney movie that will give you an happy ending without having a little bit of tragedy happening previously. The actors contributes to this elevation of the stakes by the way they interact with Elliot and become closer or not to him.

I really encourage you to see this movie. In 3D or in regular, both dimensions will bring you in Pete’s and Elliot’s universe. And remember, you do not need a child to go see this movie, the only restriction is to have the capacity to find
this innocence that you once had everyday.  Here’s the trailer, hope you will enjoy it 🙂

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