Maximum ride

Imagine if there are 6 children that aren’t your average kids… That their names are Max (14 years old), Fang (14), Iggy (14), Nudge (11), Gazzy (8), and Angel (6)… That they’re special hybrid humans… That they had 2% avian DNA infused to their humanmaximus ride cast DNA… That they escaped from a lab they call « The School » with the help of their caretaker (Jeb Batchleder) and they’ve been living in the mountains since, even after Jeb dies… That maximus ride posterwhen the half-lupine guards from The School, Erasers, have taken Angel, they go on a exhilarating journey to get her back. Along the way, their mysterious past is being revealed, as well as some stunning secrets…

Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Well this is the synopsis (IMDB) of Maximum Ride, an action/fantasy movie based on the best-seller of James Patterson. Here’s the trailer!



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