Whose side are you on? (Anglais seulement)

Divided, we fall. United, we stand.

You’ve probably heard that chant over the last couple of months. It became viral when Marvel released a trailer for each of the teams. The trailers were presenting which side each character had chosen: Iron Man or Captain America; and it represents pretty well captain america CW poster the plot of the movie.

In this third chapter, after another collateral damage appears in one of the Avengers’ intervention, politicians from all around the world decide to form a group that will direct the team and supervise each of their interventions. Obviously, not every member of the team finds that a decision like this should be made. As Tony agrees that their actions should be controlled, Steve is claiming that, by siging this act, they will not be able to help someone who is in need, even though it is their duty to do so. This divergence in their opinions will rapidly escalate into a civil war between the Avengers with Ant-Man, Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye, Sharon Carter and Scarlett Witch on Cap’s side and Black Widow, Spiderman, War Machine, Vision and Black Panther on team Iron Man.

Along with the previous movies, Captain America: Civil War was proposed in 3D. Usually, I rarely enjoy this medium on « real-life » movie because the « out of the screen » effects are not as much perceptible than on an animation film. But since a major part of the movie includes action and battles, the 3D technology gives us a good feeling about the image. This medium adds something to our perception of the battles between the Avengers by making us feel like we are fighting at their side. Also, the fact that many of the battles includes closer shots on specific duos amplifies this impression.

Talking about that, I found it quite funny (and pretty well done) that during all the battles between the two camps, they were usually making fighting duos (Captain America and Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow, etc.) in which the superheroes were the same personality type and the other’s opposite at the same time.

As for the story itself, I found it quite interesting and well written. All the action and the dialogues were put at the right time and had the right length so that they never lost the public’s attention. One thing I have to warn you about though, is that it can be a little bit difficult to size the first couple of scenes they are showing us at the beginning of the film, because they are not (for now) bonding with each other. It is normal. They are actually showing us where each of them is now – like an initial situation for each of them – that are or not giving you clues for the rest of the movie.

Another thing would be make sure you, or the person that comes to watch it with you, have seen the previous chapters of Captain America or The Avengers because there are a many references to the past movies.

Briefly, you must see this movie! Here’s the trailer and some nice facts (and videos) about the premieres!

Did you know that the « red carpet » at the premiere was divided in two? A blue and a red side?

captain america civil war red carpet 

captain america civil war red carpet 3

captain america civil war red carpet 2

There was also a little war between both team.

TEAM IRON MAN at the Paris Premiere

And the response of TEAM CAP at the Singapore’s one.

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