LUCIFER (Anglais Seulement)

Hello Everyone!
This is my new blog! To celebrate its new design, I am starting with nothing else than a brand new TV show that is currently playing on CTV and FOX: Lucifer. I know it can sound weird to talk about the Devil in this blog, but this is a completely new way to present this character.


Everyone knows the story of Lucifer: he was once an angel that was sent to Hell by God, because of his bad behavior. In 2016, tired of Hell, the Lord of Hell quits his throne to go on vacation in nothing else than the city of angels (Los Angeles) where his bar, The Lux, is situated. After one of his close friend dies, Lucifer will team up with a police officer to find the responsible of the horrible crime.

Funny and incredibly lovely, Lucifer is represented as a smart and joker character who doesn’t actually want to harm people, but make them talk about their deepest desire and exchange information with what they want the most (sex, celebrity, money, etc.). The decision to show us a kind of good side of him and a more deepest one for the other angels make us question ourselves about this character, because, since we know his story, we can’t really be sure if we will continue to love him throughout the serie or if our perception of Lucifer’s character will suddenly take a new turn.

Source: IMDB
Source: IMDB

The mystery that is kept around the main character and his new partner (she does not react to his charm) immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and doesn’t let it go until the last minute of every single show. Since I only watched the first episode, I can’t really tell you everything about the series, but don’t worry, another post will come soon with more feedback about the effects and the sotryline.

Here’s the trailer to give you an idea of how much this character is adorable (in his own way 🙂 ).

PS: Before I let you watch it, I highly suggest you watch the first episode, but not with children under 13-14 years old, because of the language and the context. Hope you will enjoy it!



7 thoughts on “LUCIFER (Anglais Seulement)

  1. Pas mal cool. J ai lus le comic de sandman ou le personnage viens. Il a maintenant sa propre bd et j ai bien hate de regarder cette emission

    1. Thank you for your comments! Please continue to follow me! I will be adding a review of the Season 2 Premiere as soon as it is released on FOX!

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