The Revenant (Anglais seulement)

Like many people, I had the chance to watch “The Revenant” yesterday. If you have been asking yourself: “Should I go see it?” or “Would it really be that good?”, stop and go buy your ticket(s) NOW! You won’t be disappointed.

Revenant-1As soon as the first image appears on the screen, you are transported back in time next to the English men finding fur to sell to Britain. As soon as it begins, you forget, in a way, that you are seating in a theater, watching a movie, because all the shots, the movements of the camera were thought and put there to make the spectator feel like he/she is living every seconds with the characters. This is actually a big part of the “magic” side of this film; your are not watching it, you are living it.

Revenant-2As for the actors, they are amazing. Since a big part of the movie happens in almost absolute silence (no dialogue), the way the actors transfer the emotions through a little light in their eyes or a gesture is just incredible. One of the actors that is actually transporting through the story with his awesome interpretation of Glass is Leonardo DiCaprio. During the whole movie, he manages successfully to make us feel the same uncertain thoughts (Will he survive? What is that noise? What is happening right now? What would he do? There is no way he can survive this…) as Glass through his unfortunate journey.

The only point I have to advise you about is that the movie contains a couple of fight scenes. These ones can be pretty bloody and are totally realistic.

In all, it is an amazing film and I highly encourage you to go watch it as soon as you can. Not only because it won at the Golden Globes for “Best Motion Picture – Drama”, but also for its incredible cinematography and, most importantly, for its beautiful direction (by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu) and story that will show a part of the Americas’ history that is part of it.

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