Jurassic World (Anglais seulement)


I found one! I found one! A big and beautiful dinosaur! Here it is!

He is a wonderful raptor, isn’t he?… I think…


Anyway. A couple of days ago, I saw Jurassic World and it was awesome. I have to admit that I didn’t have the chance to see the first three (yeah, I know, shame on me!), but actually, you don’t necessarily need to have seen the older ones to watch it and enjoy your experience.

The movie narrates a story that is happening in a park that is kind of out of the ordinary, a dinosaur park. Built on the same island as the first park (Jurassic Park), Jurassic World has a really new kind of attraction: a new genetically modified dinosaur. The problem with that? This new generation of creature is a little bit too intelligent. Helped by a trainer (Chris Pratt), Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), the director of the park, tries to put down this “killing machine”. Just the story itself is amazing and well played by the actors, but when you add the effects to the emotions that are showed through the eyes and the gesture of the actors, that is just amazing. You feel the reality like it wasn’t a movie but that you can actually go there during your vacations. Also it’s impressive how during the whole movie, you are thorned between “I want to go there” and “I’m going to be eaten if this place really exist” and again “But it looks nice”. That’s exactly what is magical about this movie, because the cast and the crew make you go through a huge range of feelings in a fraction of a second and literally make you want to adopt a raptor.

I know that there’s 3D presentations in mostly all of the theaters, but I saw it in 2D so I can’t give you any feedback about it. If you saw it in this version, I encourage you to review it in the comments 🙂 .

I recommend it for everyone who likes dinosaurs and don’t forget to watch for posts and secrets about Comic…Con… Why does he look at me like that?



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