Salute to Supernatural (Anglais seulement)

Did you ever go to a convention where there’s only one subject like Star Trek, Doctor who? Or the Vampire Diaries? I had a chance to go to the one about Supernatural during the long week-end of October and it was very, very, very different from a comic-con. I can hear some of you asking: But why not going to a comic-con? There’s more celebrities, cosplayers, people, autograph and photo options, no? It’s true, but there’s something special about it, let me explain myself.

Like I said before, I went to Salute to Supernatural. It is a convention where the only subject is the TV show. It is the same as a comic-con, but the atmosphere is so much different. You can feel you are a part of a big family. You always meet new people and can talk with them for hours. Actually, while we were waiting for the first panel, we began to play head’s up with a group of person that we hadn’t met before. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know each other, because we loved the same show.

Now, let’s talk about one of my favorite activities: the karaoke night. When I first heard about it, I thought it would be nice to attend to it (it’s free) and I thought that will end with the photo ops with our awesome hosts, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr., who were set for 11:45 pm. But I was wrong (it ends at 2 am!). It was funny and so amazing! The theme was the 80s and if you saw the poster (I put it below) you can imagine how our hosts were dressed (you can disguise yourself too). After they entered on scene, the karaoke began (actors and people who registered before the karaoke were signing together on scene) and then, the crowd started signing with them. Many songs were from the show and it was incredible to see that we were all signing it the way the boys do in the show (especially wanted dead or alive ). Pictures were taken when the actors came close to and even in the crowd

As for the rest of the convention, you can attend to the regular schedule (around 9 am to 7 pm). Thi is where you see the panels and ask questions to the actors, visit the vendors area, buy and attend to photo ops, autographs, meet and greets, etc.

Generally, during the Saturday, you can participate to the costume contest where people show their original cosplay. They give prices to the best costumes. There’s also a special prize for the best costume of Castiel (picture below).

When Saturday’s night arrived, you can attend to the Cabaret where our favorite band, Louden Swain, is performing with the participation of the members of the cast. I personally didn’t get the chance to attend to it, but all the commentaries about it where saying the same thing: it is something you don’t want to miss.

Until 40 days before the convention starts, you can participate to another contest: the music video’s one. Let me explain it to you. First, you need to find a song that is original and select footage of the show that can make the video. Then, you put it together and mail it to Creation Entertainment by the information in the link below and you wait. If you win, your video will be present at the convention! Don’t forget that they also love to have videos about their co-stars!

As a conclusion, I would say that you don’t have to be afraid to attend to it, especially if you’re alone. Your experience will be amazing and you will regret nothing!

PS: Here’s some awesome pictures of the conventions and the links!

PPS : More pictures of the panels will come in a few days

Creation Entertainment’s website :

Loudenswain’s website :

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